Luke Bryan Kicks Off Upcoming Seventh Studio Album With New Single, “Knockin’ Boots” [Listen]

Luke Bryan Kicks Off Upcoming Seventh Studio Album With New Single, “Knockin’ Boots” [Listen]

Luke Bryan is giving fans their first taste of his upcoming seventh studio album with the release of his new single, “Knockin’ Boots.”

Co-penned by Hillary Lindsey, Gordie Sampson and Jon Nite, “Knockin’ Boots” was helmed by Luke’s longtime producers Jeff Stevens and Jody Stevens. The tune will ship to country radio on April 8.

“From the moment I heard this song I knew I had to get in the studio and record it,” says Luke. “I just couldn’t get it out of my head. This may be the fastest turnaround I have ever done with a song.”

Listen to “Knockin’ Boots” below.

“Knockin’ Boots” Lyrics

This truck needs a half tank
These wheels need a two lane
This radio needs three songs to play
To get me ‘cross town to you
That dress needs to slip off
That hair needs to come down
Friday nights need to do what Friday nights need to do
That’s the truth

Yeah, birds need bees and ice needs whiskey
Boys like me need girls like you to kiss me
“Fishin’ In The Dark” needs Nitty Gritty
Under that pale moon
Sweet tea needs that sugar stirring
Small town nights need both ends burning
Shades need drawing, hearts need falling
Boots need knockin’
Knockin’ boots
Knockin’ boots
Me and you

Long weeks need a weekend
Cheap drinks need a slingin’
That dance floor needs some me on you
And you on me tonight
Sing-alongs need to be sung
Tip bells need to be rung
Last calls need a “call that cab”
And backseats need “I want you so bad”

Repeat Chorus

Doors need shuttin’
Lights need cuttin’
Lips need lockin’
Boots need knockin’ and

Repeat Chorus

Knockin’ boots

photo by Jason Simanek

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