TikTok Thursday! Meet Neil the Seal!

Have you heard of Neil the Seal?


Neil deserves all the naps in the world #fyp #foryou #animals

♬ original sound – candacce

This dog got to be in the Christmas concert!


Even a Deaf pittie can perform in the elementary school concert🐾🎢 #dogsoftiktok #pitbullsoftiktok #deafdog #dogoftheday #fyp

♬ Christmas song “Let’s decorate” – 3KTrack

Rocking the sitar!

I wanna go to the Iowa Treehouse!


Replying to @Candy Yes! It has a full bathroom with a shower, air conditioning, heater, and even a small kitchen.

♬ Fancy Like Christmas – Walker Hayes

This cat is ready for snow!

I would love to spend a Christmas in New York someday!