BealsBlog: Jacob and Philo in The Great Morel Mushroom Hunt

Had a busy weekend! But, I managed to squeeze some free time in to go outside and get some fresh air!

My dad and I love searching for morel mushrooms around this time of year! They are so tasty and make for a great snack.

A couple mushrooms were spotted on the edge of our yard, so I decided to explore deeper into our property with hopes of finding more!

And naturally, our cat Philo followed me!

Philo and I went on our own nature walk! How neat is that?

We caught up with some buds.

Philo found a branch! He claimed it as his. Wow! What balance!

Scratchy Scratch!

Beep beep I’m a Jeep!

Unfortunately, Philo and I didn’t have any luck with the morels.

Moral of this morel story, sometimes the luck just isn’t in your basket, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun!