Heat It Up Or Cool It Down With Connett Services

It’s time to Heat It Up or Cool It Down with Connett Services Heating and Cooling for your chance to win as much as $1,000!¬†Every week day at 7:20am, 11:20am, and 3:20am call in for your chance to guess a number between 1 and 1,000. If your number matches the grand prize gift card amount that is currently up for grabs, you’ll win that pre-paid gift card! If not, you’re still walking away with a $25 pre-paid gift card. Once one card is won, that doesn’t mean the game is over… We have FIVE¬†grand prize gift cards up for grabs! Once one card is won, the game resets and we move on to the next card.

Check back here for guess updates to help you get that grand prize!

GRAND PRIZE 1 WINNER – $533 Don L. from Des Moines

GRAND PRIZE 2 WINNER – $679 Jacob P. from West Des Moines

GRAND PRIZE 3 WINNER – $356 Nick K. from Newton

Guess 1 – $858 Heat It Up!
Guess 2 – $925 Heat It Up!
Guess 3 – $963 Heat It Up!