Chad Taylor’s Book Club ‘Decision Permission’

I’m thrilled to introduce you to a brilliant new author (who just happens to be my cousin) Kristy Jean. She released her first book ‘Decision Permission‘ today (4/27) via Amazon and it’s already getting rave reviews from around the country. Take a minute to learn more about the book below.

courtesy of Kristy Jean

At some point, we have to admit when we’re living a life less than the one we know we were meant to live. If even the smallest voice inside connects with that statement, then Decision Permission is what you’re seeking. That same voice challenged the author to lead a more fulfilling life by choosing divorce, surviving the fall out, and rising from the rubble more herself than she had ever been before. Her storytelling is anchored in her experience, but the lessons she imparts are universal.

In a world that continues to make decisions for us, we’ve lost our ability to confidently make decisions for ourselves. Our indecisiveness is a direct cause for our anxieties, depression, and unmanageable levels of stress. And yet, every day, life presents us with a choice: stay on the current path or brave the possibilities of a new one. Too often we live life in survival mode, afraid that our decisions to live the life we choose, to step in a new direction, or to challenge the norm will only bring judgment from others. Outside influencers, even those with the best of intentions, often lead us astray from living our own truths, because they have no idea what we know inside. Decision Permission is a process, and it begins by taking the journey to uncover the truth you’ve always known but have been too (fill in the blank) to pursue. It’s about seeking the empowerment it takes to listen to the one person who will always promote what is best for you–yourself.

This book proposes a new approach to the decision-making process. Anchored in various fields of education, business, science, and self-help, the five “States”: Ponder, Prepare, Produce, Persevere, and Process will guide you along an honest, reflective journey as you give yourself permission to make the decisions you’ve been longing to make–even if you’re not sure what those decisions are just yet. Begin your own journey toward Decision Permission to learn more about who you are, what you want, and how you can evolve into the person you were always meant to be.

courtesy of Kristy Jean

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