Hyped for “The Falcon and The Winter Soldier!!”

Can you believe up until a couple of months ago we went over a year without any new content from Marvel?

Back in January, “WandaVision” brought Marvel back after the delays that happened in 2020. What a comeback that was too! Marvel tried something so different, and I think that was the perfect way to get the audience back in!

Assuming no more delays are on the horizon, new Marvel shows and movies will be coming our way this year, and at a pretty rapid rate too!

Now Marvel is turning the stage over to “The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.” Six episodes that put two favorite sidekicks from the Marvel Universe into leading roles.

This series looks like it’s going to have similar vibes to “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” and “Captain America: Civil War.” So if you loved those movies, this show is for you!

In fact, the villain from “Civil War” is returning for this miniseries. Baron Zemo will once again be reeking havoc. Will he tear hero’s friendships apart as he did before? Or does he have something else in mind this time? Either way, I feel he is back with a vengeance.

Also, this show is very much going to follow the aftermath of “Avengers: Endgame.” Spoilers ahead if you have not seen that movie!

I’m curious to see where Bucky and Sam are as characters after Captain America went back to the past to be with Peggy Carter. We saw Cap as an older man at the end of “Endgame.” He passed on the shield to Sam. It was a beautiful moment, but I know Sam has some big shoes to fill! I think a lot of this show is going to focus on that.

Bucky and Sam have both lost a dear friend. The world has a lost one of it’s greatest heroes, and I can’t wait to see how this series handles those issues. Because it’s so weird to picture the Marvel Universe without Captain America in it.

Now will Old man Cap make an appearance of some kind?!? I sure hope so! It always makes me smile to see Chris Evans rocking that role. But I’m also scared we might see Cap’s death in this show as well, and if that happens it will be heartbreaking!

Plus on top of all that, I think that Bucky and Sam have a lot to work out still on a personal level. Granted, they are on better terms compared to when they first met. But I think they will still be butting heads a lot too.

Also, expect tons of great action from this series! Hopefully it will almost be nonstop! The best action in the MCU has come from movies with The Falcon and The Winter Soldier in them. They are good luck charms when it comes to great action!

Marvel has also been know to give us a surprise or two. So make sure to be on the lookout for some! And of course all the Easter Eggs! One thing I love about these Marvel shows dropping weekly on Disney Plus is that we as an audience can sit down and speculate what is going to happen next. Sometimes that gets us in trouble because we set our expectations too high, but it’s also so much fun to think about what the future holds with this show and other Marvel projects!

Are you excited for “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier?” What kind of impact do you think this show will have on the MCU? What other Disney Plus shows are you looking forward to? I know there are several I can’t wait for!