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It’s the Greatest Country Songs from the ’90s every weekday at Noon with Tony Conrad on 92.5 KJJY. Send Tony a tweet or hit him up on the KJJY Facebook page with your favorite 90’s Country Song.

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  • Tony Conrad has been working with KJJY for 24 years as both on-the-air and behind the scenes. Tony grew up in Conrad, IA and graduated from Simpson College. When he’s not at work he enjoys spending time with his wife and 2 daughters. He also likes to blog about faith, family, and technology.

kjjy tonys junk drawer_00000

Junk Drawer #1

Welcome to the Junk Drawer! This where you can see the things that are happening in my life! Find out what the first thing in my Junk Drawer is! MORE

Steinmann Song of the Day

Steinmann Song of the Day

Listen for the song of the day each weekday on 90s at Noon. Enter the song here for your chance to win a $100 VISA gift card from Steinmann Family Health Clinic!MORE

TC Bad Dad Joke

Tony Talks to Charlie Daniels

Recently I got a chance to talk to Charlie Daniels. We chatted about beards, dad jokes, Twitter, and more. Here’s the full interview:MORE

WYDT 2-8-19

What You Drinkin’ Tonight, 2/8/19

You probably have heard that every Friday night on my Facebook page I host an online happy hour. It’s a chance for friends, both real and virtual, to grab a drink… beer, wine, water, soda… whatever, and share a pic of it to answer the question… “What You Drinkin’ Tonight”? Well, the answer for me…MORE

snow ice cream

Snow Ice Cream

Awhile back on my personal blog I shared how to make Snow Ice Cream. With snow headed our way I thought I’d share it here… in case you want to try it. Click on the image below to see how I made it.        MORE


What You Drinkin’ Tonight Explained

Every Friday night on my Facebook page I host an online happy hour. It’s a fun time for us all to unwind into the the weekend with a drink and some lighthearted conversation. Here’s how it all started: I’m thinking tonight is gonna be a Pinot and pizza kind of night! So, think about what…MORE