Jacob Beals


Jacob is a Iowa State graduate and works part time for us here at 92.5 KJJY. He’s proud to call Chariton, Iowa home, and loves spending time with family and friends. To know Jacob, is to love Jacob! He loves movies, YouTube, karaoke, video games, racing and classic country music. Some of his favorite country icons include Waylon Jennings, Brad Paisley, Miranda Lambert and Alabama.

Check out his weekly YouTube series called The Jacob Beals Show and Follow him on Twitter @Ottomobeals

My favorite moment of 2018! Meeting Midland at our Big Country Bash, with my favorite food, of course. CORN DOGS!


Here is my Photo with Brooks and Dunn! Still can’t believe this happened!!!!!


CLINT BLACK!!!!!!! He was amazing live!!!!!! Probably my favorite show of the 2019 Big Country Bash Series! 


Jordan Davis opened up for Brett Young during one of our Big Country Bash Shows this summer! He was so fun live!!! 

Here is Abby Anderson and I! She is one of my favorite up and coming artists! When I heard she was performing in Council Bluffs, I knew I had to take a road trip! 


I even take photos with really cool looking cars!!!! Like the Jurassic Park Jeep!!



What is the Creepiest Video You’ve Seen?!?!?

The internet can be a wild and wacky place. Even creepy at times. With Halloween upon us, it has had me thinking about some of the creepiest things I’ve seen on the web. Especially on the world center of internet videos, YouTube. There is a ton of content on YouTube. You can find thousands of…MORE


Joker Review!

On Thursday, I went to see the latest DC Comics based movie, “Joker”. Going in, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. But I had a feeling it would be something new and unique compared to previous comic book movies. The movie was exactly that, and maybe a little more. Joaquin Phoenix was fantastic in…MORE


Jon Pardi’s new album might be one of the year’s best!

Last Friday, Jon Pardi released his latest album, “Heartache Medication.” His sophomore record,  “California Sunrise,” is one of my favorite country albums of all time. So, needless to say, I was looking forward to more from Pardi. I’m proud to report that this album doesn’t disappoint at all. It is pure country and all around…MORE


HIXTAPE by HARDY is pretty sweet!!!

Ever since I first heard the song “Rednecker,” singer-songwriter HARDY has been on my radar! He has a pretty unique style. One that I feel country music needs right now. His most recent release is entitled “HIXTAPE” and it features collaborations with many fellow country artists.  Including Thomas Rhett, Keith Urbran, Lauren Alaina, Joe Diffie,…MORE